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Worldwide demand for Base metals will keep prices high and PT. Radi Logam is well positioned to benefit from the continued demand. The PT. Radi Logam team is comprised of skilled professionals with significant Base Metal ore expertise.

PT. Radi Logam Indonesia is a Indonesian based mineral exploration, production and processing company with multiple projects in Indonesia, focusing on the development of Chromium, Zinc, Lead, Silver, Copper metals and base metals properties. The Company is focused on the acquisition and development of base metal properties.

The Company is active in the exploration and development of advanced exploration properties which could lead to commercial production.

PT. Radi Logam is a mineral exploration company seeking to enhance customer value by choosing advanced mineral projects where it can use its structured and systematic exploration and development skills and know-how. It is always on the look out for projects which might rapidly add value to customers and be brought to advanced development stages in a rapid sequence.

Wherever PT. Radi Logam Indonesia operates, management recognizes that the company is there as part of the community and therefore accepts that it has a social and environmental responsibility, as well as moral and ethical responsibilities to uphold.

It is firm belief that effective business relationships can only be built on mutual trust and fair dealing

PT. Radi Logam Indonesia will use reasonable efforts to comply with best practices as they relate to resource and exploration environmental issues. In particular, PT. Radi Logam Indonesia officials will, where practical, seek guidance from knowledgeable participants and obtain governmental or other regulatory guidelines on exploration and mining operations so as to be familiar with and follow as much as practicable such guidelines.

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